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Need Help?

Perhaps you need to Install or Update Windows Media Player. You can do that HERE.

If you receive a message referring to ActiveX, it is safe to Download.

As an alternative, you can download the WinAmp Player. You can do that HERE.

If all else fails, you can Download Foobar 2000 HERE.

MAC users ( ITunes ) can listen to the station by typing in the following URL - http://str1.exsyshost.com:8006 ( this URL works for all wide band listeners).

All players on wide band Internet Connections can use the above URL.

All Dial Up listeners can listen to the URL below:

Can't See / Sign Into Chat?

You may get a message regarding you need Java - Java is safe to Download. If you cannot see the Chat Room, and get no message, Download Java HERE.

If there are any problems, there are usually people in the Chat Room, who can help you. If not, you can email us using either of the email addresses on the Contact Page.